Creating Campaigns - Traffic, Lead Generation, Video Views, Messages.
  • Here I go through 4 types of campaigns that I use for my clients.
Creating Ad Sets and Target Audiences. The FUN part.
  • How to create the Ad Set and Target Audiences. Where the REAL power of FB is!
  • Advanced Targeting and Narrowing Your Audience.
Creating Ads (these are the Sponsored Ads in the Facebook Newsfeeds & Instagram)
  • Creating Ads in a Traffic Campaign (this is the most popular type of campaign)
  • Creating the Ad in a Lead Generation Campaign
  • Creating Ads in a Messages Campaign
  • Creating the Ad in a Video View Campaign
Software I Use & Gear I Recommend. This will help you close more deals.
  • Software and Gear for recording and video editing
Creating & Installing Pixels. Oh YEAH!!! MAXIMIZE your profits based off data.
  • Creating and Installing Pixels on Landing Pages
AUDIENCES: Re-marketing/Custom Audiences
  • CUSTOM AUDIENCE - Marketing to Email Lists or Phone Number Lists
  • REMARKETING - Lead Gen Campaign. Getting Your Ad Back in Front of People.
  • REMARKETING - Traffic Campaigns. Get Your Ads Back in Front of People
BONUS Material for B-to-B Companies. Get Your Leads NOW!
  • Google Maps Lead Generation for B-to-B Companies