php vs python
  • Requirements and Assumptions for the course
  • python vs php, philosophy and focus
  • Basic syntax differences between python and php
  • Differences between python and php
  • A bit about Classes
  • Creating a python Class
  • Creating a php Class
  • Basic Python Classes
  • Instantiating an object of a Class in python
Create a TO-DO application in python
  • Creating the TO-DO app
  • Lists and Dictionaries (arrays) in python
  • Finishing our TO-DO app
  • Some detailed questions about python
Introduction to Django
  • Virtual Environments in python
  • Setting up the basics of Django
  • Creating our first Django app
  • Introduction to Django
  • Adding a blog to the admin area
  • Creating model fields
  • Creating a Django view
  • The Django admin area
  • Regular expressions in Django
  • The Django template engine
  • Pulling model data into the front-end template
  • Archive and single views of our blog
  • The front-end of Django
Creating a Django Blog
  • Adding css, javascript and template partials to our site
  • Adding pagination to our view
  • Customising pagination from the front-end
  • Django blog
  • Creating a blog Category
  • Adding Categories to our Posts
  • Creating a Menu using Categories
  • Creating Category Archive Pages
  • Blog clean up and creating ManyToMany fields
  • Adding images to our blog Posts
  • Finishing off our blog
Creating a CMS with Mezzanine
  • Using the python package directory
  • Installing Mezzanine
  • Customising Mezzanine in the admin area
  • Customising the front-end of Mezzanine
  • Introduction to Mezzanine
  • Creating a Bootstrap theme for Mezzanine
  • Django task management - adding npm grunt and scss to our project
  • Cleaning up our styling mixins in Bootstrap
eCommerce for Django
  • An introduction to eCommerce
  • An overview of this section
  • Oscar eCommerce
  • Oscar
  • Cartridge and Mezzanine eCommerce
  • Cartridge
  • Saleor eCommerce
  • Saleor
Finishing off Django for WordPress Developers
  • Onwards and Upwards!