• Welcome & Introduction
Course Structure and Layout
  • How to Navigate this Course
Getting Started
  • How to Create Your eBay Account
  • How to Create Your PayPal Business Account and Order Your Debit Card
  • How to Link Your eBay and PayPal Accounts
Product Research and Listing
  • Finding an Item to Sell on eBay - Part 1
  • Finding an Item to Sell on eBay - Part 2
  • How to Upload Images to eBay
  • Filling Out Your Item Specifics
  • How to Create Your Item Description
  • How to Calculate Your eBay Selling Price
  • How to Price Your Item
  • Filling in Your Shipping Details
  • How to List an Item on eBay
  • How to Save and Upload Your Pictures to eBay Using Jing
Managing Your eBay Business
  • How to Track and Reprice Your eBay Inventory
  • How to Process Your Orders
  • How to Upload Tracking
Bonus Material
  • Useful Tip #1