Introduction to the Course and to Dyslexia
  • Personal Introduction
  • Setting the Scene
  • The Scale of Dyslexia in the Workplace
  • Legal Considerations
  • Identifying Dyslexic Traits
  • The Dyslexic Spectrum
  • Indicators from Spelling and Communication
FREE Screening and Self Diagnostic Online Resources
  • Introduction to free online resources
  • International Dyslexia Association Self Assessment
  • IDA Adult Self Assessment
  • Genius Within Strategy Screening / Profiler
  • Global First Level Screening Resources
Basic Low Cost Practical Support in the Workplace - Sensory
  • Introduction
  • Standards for typefaces and fonts
  • Low cost filters and word processor settings to reduce eye stress
  • Managing noise and activity levels
  • Lighting Conditions
Basic Low Cost Practical Support in the Workplace - Technology
  • Voice to text software
  • Mobile Phone Apps
  • Mind Mapping
  • Grammar and Spelling tools
  • Screen Readers
  • Sat Nav and Google Maps
Working Practices
  • Neuro-Diversity Management Measures
  • Requirements for Training Providers
  • Pomodoro Technique
  • Diet and Hydration
  • Stress Management
Coaching Support
  • Selecting Face to Face Coaching
  • Mental Imagery and Visual Overload in Dyslexia Coaching
  • Grounding
  • Focus on Self Esteem
  • Controlling Mental Images
  • Summary and Next Steps