Section 0: What's in this course?
  • This course
Introduction to EV and Lithium ion
  • History of EVs
  • Rise of ICE automobiles
  • How charging stations used to be
  • Evolution in battery technology
  • How the Li-ion cell evolved
Functioning of Lithium ion cells
  • Basic functioning of Li-ion cells
  • Parameters that define a Li-ion cell
  • What's inside a Lithium-ion cell
  • How to guarantee your success in battery technology?
  • Voltage Polarization
  • Memory effect misconceptions
Electric Vehicle Quiz
  • EV Quiz
  • Article #1: 5 things I learned from a $25 battery management system
  • Article #2: Complications in voltage sensing of Lithium-ion batteries
  • Article #3: Importance of Isolation Monitoring in Electric Vehicles
  • Article #4: Dry Coated Electrode in Lithium-ion cells
Next Steps
  • Next steps
  • More EV courses