Section 1: Introduction and Understanding the Interface
  • What is a DAW?
  • What Makes Ableton Live Unique?
  • Arrangement View and Session View
  • Using Live's Browser
  • Ableton Live's Preferences
Clips, the Building Blocks of Ableton Live
  • What are Clips?
  • What is MIDI?
  • MIDI Clips
  • Difference Between Audio and MIDI Clips
  • What is Warping?
Working with Audio Clips
  • Importing Audio Loops
  • Clip Launch Quantization
  • Basic Clip Launch Properties
  • Basic Clip Envelopes
  • Follow Action with Clip Envelopes
Working with MIDI Clips/Instruments
  • Introducing the Drum Rack
  • Using the Computer Keyboard as a MIDI Controller
  • Draw Mode in MIDI Clip
  • Basic MIDI Clip Editing (Note Placement, Velocity, and Quantization)
  • Recording Automation in Real Time
MIDI and Audio Clips Together
  • Using MIDI Clips to Compliment Audio Clips
  • What are Scenes?
  • Naming Scenes and Launch Tempo
  • Editing Scenes
  • Recording to Arrange, Export, and Save