• Engendering STEM - Supporting STEM SMEs
Attracting Women to the Sector
  • How to attract more women to the STEM sector.
  • How to retain your talent
Career Advancement & Enhancement
  • How to provide better opportunities in the workplace for your employees
Outreach & Engagement
  • How to make positive connections to build the talent pipeline
Partnership Working
  • How to identify effective and valuable networking opportunities
Creating an Attractive Workplace Culture
  • How to make diversity part of your business culture
Education & Training
  • How to invest in your workforce
Creating Inclusive Physical Work Environments
  • How to create a positive workplace environment for all.
Policy & Systems
  • How to implement framework for equality
Equal Pay for Equal Work
  • How to tackle the gender pay gap
  • Equal Pay continued.
Benchmarking & Accreditation
  • How to promote clear company commitment to workplace equality
Government Strategy
  • How to effectively engage with your country's diversity and inclusion strategies
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