Welcome to the 8 Step Business Launch Program
  • What’s Coming Up: a Short Introduction to the Course
  • Access All Course Templates, Guides, and Special Resources
Startup Step 1: Clarify Your Business Concept and Match it with Target Markets
  • The First Drop: How to Clarify Your Business Concept
  • How to Access to Eazl’s Concept to Market Tool
  • Share Your Business Concept Sentence
  • Target Market Selection: Visualizing Markets, Segments, and Niches
  • Audience Ideation: How to Use Constraints and Segments
  • Are You Building a Two-sided Business? If So, This is for You.
  • Introducing the CAM System for Prioritizing Audiences
  • What MIT Found Out about Focus in Entrepreneurship
  • [Extra Help] Identifying Chen and Samir’s Possible Audiences (Digital Technology
  • [Extra Help] Identifying Kym’s Concept and Test Audiences (Retail and Products)
  • [Extra Help] How to Use the CAM Market Filtration Tool
Startup Step 2: Perform Target Market Research for Your New Business
  • Why 45% of New Companies Fail (or Why Product/Market Fit is Mission #1)
  • Case Study: Visualizing Chen and Samir's Launch in Two Scenarios
  • Access to Eazl’s Primary Market Research Tool
  • The Fundamentals of Human-centered Design
  • Risk Reduction with Three Areas of Primary Research
  • Interviews are Like Sailboats: Just Steer in the Right Direction
  • Watch Customers Reveal Strategic Information in Real Interviews
  • Access to Eazl’s Primary Market Research Toolkit
  • [Extra Help] LinkedIn® Power Game for Primary Market Research (Rebroadcast)
  • [Optional] Watch a Live, Unedited Customer Interview
Startup Step 3: Use Your Target Market Research to Design a Better Business
  • Three Types of Customer Needs (or “Pain Points”)
  • [Optional] Let’s Convert Real Market Research into a Needs Map Together
  • How to Find Customers’ Attitudes Regarding Your Business Arena
  • Visualizing Customer Motivation through Your Purchasing Funnel
  • [Selling Complex or Expensive Offerings] Selling to the Buying Center
  • [Extra Help] Let’s Extract Design & Marketing Needs from Real Audience Research
Startup Step 4: Estimate the Value of this Opportunity and Focus on a Tribe
  • Athlete or Megatron and the Impact on Your Customer Group (or “Tribe”)
  • Audience Validation: Three Characteristics of Every Good Target Market
  • [Optional] The Meg Media Case Study (an “Athlete” Startup)
  • [Optional] The Tanium Case Study (a “Megatron” Startup)
  • The Peersight Tool: How We Remind Ourselves to Design Human-Centric Products
  • How to Create Your Customer Persona
  • [Extra Help] Let’s Use Real Customer Research to Create a Persona Together
Startup Step 5: Build and Test a Prototype of Your Business Concept
  • Prototype Concepting with the ORB System
  • [Optional] Prototype Concepting: The Hire Hero Case Study
  • Let’s Start Building! (or Getting around the Competition and Capital Roadblocks)
  • [Prototyping for Services and Experiences] Your MVP as a Service Design
  • [Prototyping for Physical Products] 3D Printing and CAD Fundamentals with Henry
  • [Prototyping for Digital Products] Designing Your MVP as a Walking Skeleton
  • Testing Your Prototype: The Three Big Questions
  • How to Test Your Prototype as an MVP (or "Minimum Viable Product")
  • [Optional] Here are Some of My Favorite MVP Testing Tools
  • When Your Know Your Prototype is Ready for It's Big Debut
Startup Step 6: Build the Brand, Set a Price, & Engineer the Customer Experience
  • The Real Deal with Branding: What I Wish I’d Have Known
  • The Four Core Parts of Your Business’ New Identity
  • How to Write a Compelling Business Description
  • [Optional] Case Study: a Tour of Artisan Access’ New Identity
  • Pricing Strategies for Your New Business
  • Branding and Customer Loyalty through Experience Design
Startup Step 7: Get Your First and Second Groups of Customers
  • The Two Startup Sales Strategies (and the One that Usually Won’t Work)
  • Visualizing a How a Startup's Marketing and Sales Activities Work
  • [Optional] a Quick Intro to Startup Customer Relationship Management (or “CRM”)
  • How to Approach Your First Group of Customers
  • The Launch Marketing Suite: Your New Business’ First Selling Tool
  • [Optional] Case Study: a Tour of Artisan Access’ Launch Marketing Suite
  • How to Approach Influencers as Your Second Customer Group
  • [Extra Help] Troubleshooting when You’re Having a Hard Time Attracting Customers
Startup Step 8: Recruit a Lead Advisor and Raise a Seed Round of Funding
  • How We Suggest Most Startups Raise a Seed Round
  • How to Recruit a Lead Advisor to Help Guide Founder(s)
  • [Optional] Case Study: How Meg Media Recruited Their Lead Advisor
  • #BeyondBusinessPlans: What Startups Really Need
  • [Optional] Practical Research Methods for Your Business Case
  • [Optional] Let’s Draft Your First Financial Forecast Together
  • How to Design a Seed Round that Really Works [Contract Template Here]
Bonus Section: Extra Lean Branding and Launch-Phase Marketing Tutorials
  • Lean Branding I: Crafting Kym’s Business Name
  • Lean Branding II: Developing the Artisan Access Color Palette
  • Lean Branding III: Creating a Typography Package for Free
  • Lean Branding IV: Designing a Cool, Inexpensive Logo
  • Lean Branding V: Writing Artisan Access’ Public-facing Business Description
  • Let’s Create the Artisan Access Launch Marketing Suite (Extended Tutorial)
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  • [Optional] Selected Features and Specs of this Learning Experience
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