Introduction To the Course
  • Introduction
  • How to Speed up to Slow down the Lecture speed?
Analysis and Design of a Simply Supported Beam
  • How to Download the Software
  • Introduction To User Interface
  • Opening A New Model
  • Defining The Grids
  • Modelling of Beam Method -1
  • Modelling of Beam Method -2
  • Assigning The Support
  • Application of Load
  • Analyzing The Beam
  • Generate SFD and BMD.
  • Analyze The Given Frame
Analysis and Design of a Simple Structure
  • Understanding The Structure
  • Defining The Grids
  • Defining The Materials
  • Defining The Sections
  • Modelling The Structure
  • Defining Load Patterns
  • Assigning The Loads
  • Assigning The Joints
  • Defining The Mass Source
  • Assigning The Mesh
  • Defining Load Combinations
  • Analyze The Model
  • Designing The Structure
  • Checking The Structure For Failure
  • Redesigning The Failed Members
What Next?
  • What Next?