Principles of Information Security
  • CIA Compliance
  • PPT : The Three pillars of Information Security
Speaking in 0 and 1 : Binary Language
  • Why Computers use Binary
  • How Binary Language Works
  • Hexa Decimal Numbers : A compressed representation of long Binary Strings
Basics of Cryptography : From Beginning to Present
  • Basics of Cryptography
  • Digital Era Cryptography
  • Overview of Block and Stream Ciphers
  • Block Cipher Modes of Operation
  • Hash Functions and MACs
  • Problems with Symmetric key Cryptography
  • Public Key cryptography as a solution to those problems
  • More about Public Key Crypto Systems
  • Properties of Good Cryptographic System : Shanon Security
  • Crypt-analytic Attack Models
  • BONUS: Graphical Illustration of History of Cryptography
Applied Cryptography
  • Digital and Electronic Signatures
  • Working of Digital Signature: Using Public Key Cryptography and Hash Functions