Start Here - introduction and the basics
  • Important. Click on HD, or the videos will be blurred
  • Welcome and introduction
  • Create a new file, basic jargon, and parts of the screen
  • Workbook and worksheets
  • Navigating with a mouse and also keyboard
  • Opening and saving a file - which location and which format?
  • Section 1 - Test
Menu, the ribbon and quick access toolbar
  • What is the ribbon? - an overview
  • How to use the quick access toolbar and save time
  • Section two quiz
Creating a table of data
  • How to enter data, labels and values
  • How to get totals
  • How to format a table beautifully with one click, and also set up filters
  • Section 3 quiz
  • Making columns and rows wider and narrower, and autofit
  • changing the number format
  • changing colors and alignment
  • Quiz on Section 4
copying and pasting
  • copy, cut and many ways to paste
  • Quiz section 5
  • Conclusion