Welcome to the course!
  • Welcome and introduction
  • Downloadable course spreadsheet
  • Transcript of course
Starting right at the beginning
  • How to open workbooks and save them as different file types
  • Save time with the quick access toolbar and other top row icons
  • Introduction to the ribbon - where you can access the brains of Excel
  • The name box and formula bar
  • Tabs, worksheets and zoom
  • Saving as another name or filetype
Work Smarter not Harder
  • Navigation part 1 - using end then arrow
  • Navigation part 2 - ctrl and left or right arrow plus timesaving navigation tip
  • How to freeze rows and columns
  • How to add and delete rows and columns, undo and redo
  • How to move rows and columns
Using Math and Formulas the Easy Way
  • How to copy and paste values
  • How to do math - add, subtract, multiply and divide
  • Formulas - autosum and average
  • How to combine contents of cells
Make a Beautiful Table and Print it out over Multiple Pages
  • How to make a table of data and format it
  • Manual table formatting
  • Printing part 1 - How to print out
  • Printing part 2 - Using row and column titles for multiple pages