• What you will learn in this course?
  • Data Summarize & Dashboards
  • Pivot Table Terminology
Creating your first Pivot Table
  • Inserting Pivot Table
  • Drag / Drop & Slice Dice
Implementing Calculations in Pivot Tables
  • Using GETPIVOTDATA Function
  • Field Settings or Value Field Settings
  • Creating Calculated Fields & Calculated Items in Pivot Tables
  • Groups & Subtotals with Pivot Tables
  • Calculating percent for subtotals in a Pivot Table
Page Filters, Slicers & Timelines
  • Page Filter
  • Using Slicers with Pivot Tables
  • Value & Label Filters
  • Using Timelines with Pivot Tables
Formatting a Pivot Table
  • Changing Pivot Table Style
  • Changing Field Formatting
Using Pivot Charts
  • One Shortcut to Create Pivot Chart out of Pivot Table
Creating Dashboard using Pivot Tables
  • Creating Dashboard using Pivot Tables