iBook Documentation
  • Where to get the iBook
The Basics
  • Using Tiled from Scratch
  • Integrating Tiled (early version, still applies just not as recent)
  • Introduction and Root Dictionaries / Arrays in the Property List
  • Collectibles, In-Game Currency and Inventory
  • Characters
  • Weapons
  • Portals
  • Objects (or Platforms, Enemies, Villagers, anything really)
  • Control Pad with Joy Stick
Playback Demos
  • Playback Demo of a Platform / Side Scrolling Game
  • Playback Demo of a Top Down Game
  • Playback Demo of a Kid's App Game
Short Level Ideas
  • Weighing Down Platforms
  • Timing the Jump Juuuust Right
Level Design Workshops
  • Weighing Down Platforms with Things Like Rocks
Weapon Ideas
  • Flame Throwers
  • Laser Obstacles
  • Switches
  • Time-Based Breaking of Objects
  • Spring Platforms and Ghostly Bad Guys