Introduction and overview of this course.
  • Introduction
Drafting with value in mind.
  • Actual Draft Position (ADP) and research importance.
  • Fantasy Football ADP link.
Participate in mock drafts..
  • Mock Draft Participation is Mandatory!
Bring your cheat sheets to the draft!
  • Bring your cheat sheets to the draft!
Avoid drafting injured players
  • Avoid drafting injured players
Know when to draft your QB 1&2 .
  • When to draft your QB 1&2
Don't overlook the deepest position, WR!
  • Going deep with the WR position!
Don't waste a quality pick on a TE early.
  • When not to draft a TE and why.
Draft your Kicker and D/ST your last 2 picks.
  • Draft your Kicker & D/ST your last 2 picks of the draft!
Understand a players supporting cast
  • Understanding the supporting cast of a player.
Bonus Section
  • Free E-Book "10 General Orders of Drafting Fantasy Football"
  • Bonus Lecture!