• Instructor and Course Introduction
  • The Importance of Learning Proper FEA Techniques
Simulation and Software Basics
  • Basic FEA Simulation Example
  • Basics of Material Properties for Structural Simulations
  • Introduction to Constraints and Loads
  • Bicycle Crank Example Setup
  • Introduction to Meshing
  • Results, Interpretation and Design Enhancements
  • Fatigue Life Considerations and Design Enhancements
Analyzing a Basic Assembly
  • Assembly Simulation Overview
  • Introduction to Contacts
  • Setting up an Assembly Level Analysis
  • Assembly Level Solving, Results and Interpretation
Supplementary Videos
  • Detailed Mesh Functionality and Convergence
  • Proper Contact Selection
  • Plastic Snap Prescribed Displacement Design Example
  • Push Rod Rocker Design Example
  • Approximating Spring Constants
Non-Linear Analyses
  • Introduction to Non-Linear Simulations
  • Linear vs Non-Linear Simulations with an Example
  • Non-Linear Setup and Materials
  • Non-Linear Results Interpretation
  • Approximating a Non-Linear Stress Strain Curve Quickly