• Introduction - Why Do 90% of Real Estate Professionals Quit Within 2 Years?
  • Busting The Most Common Myths And Misunderstandings Scaring Investors Away.
  • Overview of Foreclosure Processes and Opportunities
  • The Big Picture: How Everything Fits Together From A to Z
Laying the Foundation for Lasting Success
  • Other tools you'll need and how to get them.
  • Find Your Off Market Niche
  • How to Realistically Estimate your Total Costs
  • Equity - How much meat is in the deal and why is this all that matters?
  • Cash Talks, BS Walks – Why Cash Is King And Financing Makes You A Pawn
Phase One: Initial Screening
  • Scanning for pre-foreclosures
  • Working with your data
Phase Two: Fast Manual Research to Focus On The Best Deals
  • Priority of Liens and Finding Hidden Debt
  • How to generate a true "God's eye view" of every lead in your market.
Phase Three: Making Contact and Negotiating Offers
  • Getting ready for multi-channel outreach
  • Making Contact and Sample Contact Scripts for SMS/Voice/Mail
  • Real World Example of Automating Contact Outreach
  • Negotiating with distressed sellers
Phase Four: Pre-Closing Due Diligence
  • How to find out what you don't know that you don't know
  • Current Market Value Vs Long Term Home Value
  • How to Set a Realistic Selling Price
Risk Management in Every Market
  • Off-Market Purchasing Contract Fundamentals
  • Speed, Inventory And Opportunity Cost
  • Home Rehab – Adding Maximum Value With Minimum Effort
  • Bonus Lecture - How to get your own web scrapper advanced course enrollment