Introduction to the course
  • Introduction
Mindset and Know how for exercise, Muscles and their Movements
  • Health centered mindset for exercise
  • The how to of strength exercise
  • The muscles of the core
  • The muscles and movements of the upper body
  • Abdominals
  • The core and lower body
  • Muscles and movements
Exercises for specific muscles
  • How to strengthen the shoulders
  • How to streghten the Upper back - Wide front rowing
  • Hos to strengthen the Upper back- CLose grip pull down
  • How to strengthen the chest, Chest press - using exercise machine
  • How to strengthen the thighs - Squat
  • How to strengthen the abdominals
  • How to strengthen the lower back
  • How to straighten the Upper back - Rowing
  • How to strength the arms - Biceps
  • HOw to strengthen the arms - Triceps
  • How to strengthen the Upper back with Dumbbels
Introduction to the Gym
  • Introduction to the Gym
  • How to build your workout in the Gym
The treadmill
  • How to turn on, get on and off the treadmill safely
  • How to workout on the treadmill
  • How to warm up before using the treadmill
Workout at Home
  • Strengthen the thighs, Squats
  • Calves: Heel raises; Shoulders and upper back
  • Legs: Lunges and Chest: Safe push up
  • Push ups on the ball
  • Lower abs and lower back
  • How to warm up before exercise
How to build a Complete Strength Workout for home
  • Easy Simple Strength workout for home
  • How to strengthen your shoulder from injury
  • If you have weak lower back, start with this
  • General Questions
  • Exercising in the Gym
  • Workout at home
Exercising Outdoors - Cardio
  • How to start a walking program and progress into jogging
  • What other ways can i work on my cardio?
  • How to warm up and cool down for your Cardio session
  • Exercising outdoors
Nutrition tipps
  • What to eat before and after workout
  • Hydration for exercise
  • Nutrition and Hydration