• Introduction
  • do you punish yourself instead of inspiring yourself
  • do you fall in the trap of multitasking
  • 3 victime in the face of distraction
goal setting
  • intro goal setting
  • make your longterme goal and break it down
  • do you know what is the MIT
  • your own personal advance to do list
  • is your field of view clean
  • define a clear place for work + musique
  • what is the state of your desk
your morning routine
  • what do you think about your morning routine
  • you can increase awareness
  • do you have a list
  • do you take care of your body
  • feel compressed, try to decompress
  • set priority by learning to say no
task management
  • introduction to task management
  • did you try to reward yourself
  • do you lauch yourself on hard task only, well hear this
how to deal with distraction
  • introduction how to deal with distraction
  • do you have problem with distraction
  • did you try to work with white noise
  • resisting is not always the best solution
  • the easiest way to get ride of your distraction on