Why we fail to focus and how to change that
  • Introduction Lecture - Course Outline and Background
  • Is your fire still burning?
  • Click Baits and the Game of Emotions
  • The Perfect State to be in when you wanna get stuff done
  • The Principle of Energy Flow
Techniques For Staying Focused in The Short and Long Run
  • The Most Powerful Word For Productivity And How To Learn It
  • What to do when you just "dont feel like it"...
  • Lifestyle Choices that are proven to dramatically improve Concentration
  • Lifestyle Choices (List)
  • How to stay on track longterm
Bonus Content and Supplementary Videos
  • How to cheat your way to success the easy way (Bonus Video)
  • Power of Clarity - How to be 100% sure on what to decide in person and business
  • Update: The Process Of Attentiveness and Tuning Into Happiness