What We're Going to Do
  • Welcome to the Course
  • See What We Will Create Together
  • Frequently Asked Questions
Create Virtual Machines and Load Balancers
  • Create Our First Windows VM using the Azure Portal
  • Validate the VM Works
  • Create Another Windows VM Using ARM Templates and PowerShell
  • VM Quiz
  • Create Both of the Load Balancers
  • Create Our First Linux VM using the Azure Portal
  • Create Another Linux VM Using Bash Scripts / Cloud Shell
  • Validate the Linux VM
Create Databases
  • Create Our First SQL Database
  • Set Up Automatic Failover to a Secondary Region
Clean Up and Testing
  • Install IIS Web Server on the Windows Virtual Machines
  • Configure Front-End Load Balancer for Public Traffic
  • Configure Back-End Load Balancer for Internal Traffic
  • What Did We Learn?
Wrap Up
  • Database Quiz
  • Discounts for More Courses