• Introduction To Free Basic Digital Marketing Course
  • Online Opportunities For Us
  • Online Opportunities For Our Business
Base Steps For Online
  • Creating Our Online Goals
  • Building Our Online Presence
  • Start With Marketing Our Online Presence
  • Analysing & Adapting To Our Online Presence
Let Us Start Building Our Online Presence
  • Choose Your Online Presence
  • Get To Know How Websites Work
  • What Are The Key Website Ingredients
  • Connecting Our Website To Business Goals
  • Website User Interface - Making Easy To Use
  • Do's & Dont's For Website
Planning Our Online Strategy
  • Cons Of Online Strategy
  • Foot Steps To Take Business Online
  • Understanding Customer Behaviour
  • Stand Out Of Competition
  • Improving Business Performance With The Help Of Our Business Goals
Getting Started With Search Engines
  • Understanding Search Engine Basics
  • How Do Search Engines Work
  • What Is Organic SEO?
  • How Search Engines See The Web?
  • What Are Paid Search Results
  • Google Search Console
Get Discovered From Search
  • Introduction To SEO
  • SEO Planning
  • SEO Process
  • Choosing The Keywords
  • Setting Realistic Goals
  • Making Our Websites Search Friendly
Getting Noticed With Search Engine Advertisements
  • Introduction To Search Engine Marketing
  • How Search Engine Marketing Works
Getting Noticed Locally
  • Get Found Locally
  • Power Of Local Directories
Get Noticed With Social Media
  • Importance Of Social Media
  • Content On Social Media
Discovering The Possibilities Of Mobile Phones & Content Marketing
  • Evolution & Effects Of Mobile Phones
  • Introduction To Content Marketing
  • Analytics Of Content Marketing
Reaching More Customers With Advertising & Targeting International Markets
  • Importance Of Email Marketing
  • Power Of Display & Video Marketing
  • Targeting International Markets
End Of The Course
  • Thank You