Building a basic page - and an epic adventure
  • Introduction to the Free HTML5 Preparation class
  • Overview of the adventure game
  • Creating a basic HTML page
  • Adding Pictures and Links
  • Modifying a page with CSS
  • Adding Audio and Building the Adventure Game
  • Building an adventure game with basic HTML and CSS
Talking to the Page
  • Introducing the word game
  • Building a basic form
  • Basic Input and Output
  • Creating a good-looking form with CSS
  • Building the word story game
  • Basic input and output
Coding Like a Pro
  • Managing Data Types
  • Adding Branching Behavior
  • Looping with the For Loop
  • More flexible loops with While
  • Enhancing functions with parameters and return values
  • Using arrays
  • Coding like a pro
Building a text-based game
  • Designing the number guesser
  • Generating random numbers
  • Building the number guesser
Introducing the Game Engine
  • Introduction to the SimpleGame Engine
  • SimpleGame Overview
  • Basic Keyboard Interaction
  • Using the simpleGame Practice Tool