• Welcome to the Course!
  • Salesforce Administration Exam Overview: What to expect on the test
  • Ace the Exam With These Core Concepts
  • Salesforce Classic: All You Need To Know
  • Salesforce Lightning: An Overview
Organization Setup- 1%
  • Organization Setup: An Overview
  • Organization Setup Content
  • Organization Setup Practice Quiz
User Setup-9%
  • Customizing the User Setup
  • User Setup: Core Concepts
  • Personal Profile Overview
  • User Setup Practice Quiz
Standard and Custom Objects: Outlining Master-Detail and Lookup Fields
  • Standard and Custom Objects
  • Contact Object Overview
  • Accounts Overview
  • How to Add an Account
  • Standard and Custom Objects Quiz
Analytics, Reports and Dashboards-13%
  • Salesforce Report Overview
  • Analytics, Reports and Dashboards: Core Content
  • Reports, Dasboards and Listviews Quiz
Bonus Section
  • Bonus: Salesforce Admin Certification: Ace the '17 ADM201 Exam!
  • Bonus: Take your Salesforce career to the next level in these discounted courses
  • How To Get Your DREAM Salesforce Developer / Admin Job!
  • Facebook Live With Dennis Smith-Why should You Learn Salesforce to Earn More?