• Introduction
Getting Started: Ideas and tips for your Classified Website
  • What is a Classified Website?
  • Business ideas for your Classified Site
  • The Evolution of Classifieds and the Most Successful Classified Websites
  • 5 top ideas for Creating a Successful Classified Website
  • Choosing a Niche and Targeting you Audience
  • Cost of Running a Classified Website
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Classified Websites
  • New Trends and the Mobile Movement
  • The Importance of a Domain Name
  • Hosting your website & Recommended Solutions
Features & Advantages with our software
  • Choosing the Best Classified Software
  • What is the purpose of Yclas?
First Steps
  • How to add and manage categories?
  • How to add locations and how to manage them?
  • Managing Advertisements
  • Changing Text and Languages
  • Accept Terms & Conditions
  • Managing Widgets
  • Managing Users
  • Creating and Managing Custom Fields
  • Themes for your Classified Website
  • Advertisement Configuration - Enable Comments and Reviews
  • iOS and Android Apps
  • Sending a Newsletter
  • Modifying a Top Menu
  • Messaging System ( chat )
  • Payment Gateways
  • Coupon System
General Settings Overview
  • How to change your site's name and description
  • How to Activate Maintenance Mode | Bots and Crawlers
  • How to manage Cookie Consent | Landing Page