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  • Course Background
From MS Access to MS SQL Server
  • Course Roadmap
  • Prepare & Backup Your Business Information
MS SQL Server
  • The Ins & Outs of MS SQL Server
  • MS SQL Server Editions
  • MS SQL Server Editions
Choices, choices ...
  • Which MS SQL Server Edition Should You Choose
  • Checkpoint
  • MS Access FrontEnd
Installing & Setting Up
  • Installing MS SQL Server 2014 Express Edition
  • Installing SSMA (SQL Server Migration Assistant)
  • Checkpoint
Upsizing Your Business Data to MS SQL Server
  • Upsizing Using SSMA (SQL Server Migration Assistant)
  • Take Care With 32bit and 64bit Application Versions
  • The Old Way - Upsize Using MS Access Upsizing Wizard
  • Checkpoint
Wrapping Things Up
  • Cleaning Up & Testing Your Business Information
  • Checkpoint
  • The End
  • Bonus Lecture: EARLBIRD Access to Our Other Course