Foundation to a Solid Journey
  • Is this course meant for YOU?
  • Central Theme of this Course
  • We Promise You
  • Before We Start - A Fantastic Story
Start with WHY
  • WHY knowing Purpose is so Important
WHAT - You need to know the Meaning of Purpose, Passion, Potential
  • Meaning of 'Purpose'
  • Meaning of 'Passion'
  • Meaning of 'Potential'
HOW - A Powerful Discovery Toolkit
  • A Powerful Discovery Toolkit
  • An effective technique to find your answers - Good Breath
  • Who you really are - Your Liking and Disliking areas
  • Know Yourself - Find your Likes & Dislikes
  • Who you really are - Your Talent & Skills
  • Know Yourself - Your Talents & Skills
  • Who you really are - Your Personality Type
  • Know Yourself - Find your Personality Type
  • Who you really are - What others see in you
  • Know Yourself - What others see in you?
  • Who are your Role Models?
  • Who are your Role Models?
  • Are there any Special Memories?
  • Are there any Special Memories in your life?
  • Are there any Co-incidences in your life?
  • Find co-incidences in your life
  • You need to know Childhood Influences
  • Identify Childhood influences on You
  • Two Powerful Questions Guiding Your Life Purpose
  • Powerful Questions to Guide your Life Purpose
  • Uniting Your Own Unique Theme
  • Prepare Your Own Unique Theme
  • Design Your Vision Map
  • Design your own VISION MAP
  • Exercise Reference Material (Meghnand's Work) for your reference
Amplifying Your Growth
  • Alignment - Potential to Passion & Passion to Profession
  • Life Stories of Great Personalities
  • Collaborate - Together We are an Ocean
  • Listen to your Intuition - the Powerful Clarity tool
Concluding Summary & Special Message
  • Conclusion & Special Message to You
BONUS SECTION - An Impactful Learning
  • Why am I so Scattered - Essential Guide to Personal Effectiveness