• Introduction
  • Why Messaging?
  • Who is Solace?
  • Solace PubSub+ Cloud
  • Summary of Concepts
Building an Application
  • Application Overview
  • Solace Topics
  • Overview of the JavaScript Sample
  • Connecting to your PubSub+ Cloud Instance
  • Using Publish-Subscribe Exchange Pattern
  • Solace Queues
  • Consuming from a Queue
  • Client Login Logic
  • Solace RESTful Events
  • Summary of Solace Chat Application
Multi-Protocol Support
  • Multi-Protocol Support
  • A Look at the Code
  • Sending the REST Request
  • Connecting with the Solace JCSMP API
  • Using Request-Reply Exchange Pattern
  • Summary of Solace Chat Application
Bonus: Load Balancing
  • Solace Load Balancing
  • Load Balancing with a Queue
  • Modifying the Authentication Server
  • Summary of Load Balancing with a Queue
Appendix: Solace Docker Container
  • Solace Docker Container
  • Managing Solace Docker with WebUI
  • Managing Solace Docker with CLI
  • Web Transport Connection Details
  • REST Connection Details
  • SMF Connection Details