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  • Introduzione
Implement export oriented strategies within the T&C sector
  • Establish proper distribution policies
  • Manage and protect IPR
  • Access to export credit
Implement non-technological innovation within the T&C sector
  • Handle with mass customization trends
  • Implement new organizational methods
  • Manage relations with research centres
Implement marketing innovation
  • Establish the proper product placement
  • Promote products through new ICTs and social media
  • Pro-active understand customers' needs
Re-engineer processes according to sustainability, CSR and Quality
  • Implement environmental management methods Page
  • Manage supply chain with a focus on sustainability Page
  • Implement small-scale and specialised production Page
Act as a leader
  • External orientation and network Page
  • Realistic vision accepting constraints Page
  • Perseverance in the execution of strategy and patience in reaping its financial
  • Motivational skills towards workers Page
Take risks
  • Sense of initiative
  • Decisions taken based on a balanced assessment of risk and information analysis
  • Turning ideas into action Page
Act creatively
  • Change-oriented approach Page
  • Identification of market developments and trends Page
  • Recognition and implementation of opportunities for business growth Page