• Course Introduction
Hitler's Rise and Consolidation of Power
  • What happened to Germany at the end of WW1?
  • What was the Weimar Constitution?
  • Who was Adolf Hitler?
  • What was the Munich Putsch and why did it fail?
  • How did the Wall Street Crash in America help the Nazis?
  • How did Propaganda help the Nazis come to power?
  • How did Hitler become Chancellor in 1933?
  • How did Hitler consolidate his power in Germany?
Changing life in Germany 1933-1939
  • How did the Nazis reduce unemployment in Germany?
  • How did the Nazis control the population?
  • How did the lives of young people change in Germany?
  • How did the Nazis change the lives of women?
  • How were Jews treated in Germany between 1933 and 1939?
  • How did the Nazis change religion in Nazi Germany?
Germany on the homefront 1939-1945
  • How did the war progress for Germany?
  • What was the holocaust?
  • How and why did opposition to the Nazi's increase during WW2?