The Nitty Gritty and Course Overview
  • Introduction
  • Practice Activity
Getting Started with Mobile Devices
  • Start Where You Are
  • Defining Key Terms & Self Assessment
  • Why do we focus on mobile devices and apps for people who have disabilities?
  • Getting Started Quiz - Practice Activity
Mobile Device Types
  • Getting Started With Mobile Devices for Special Needs
  • What Kind of Devices are Available?
  • Things to Consider in Selecting a Device
  • Apple, Android, Fire, and Windows | What Do I Need to Know About Platforms?
  • Weighing It All Out
  • Android
  • eReaders
  • Windows
  • Practice Activity
Protecting a Device
  • Cases and Carrying Systems
  • What to Look for in a Case
  • Soft and Squishy Cases
  • Big Grips Cases for the iPod Touch, iPad, iPad Mini and Carrying System
  • Tough & Rugged Cases
  • Other Cases We Like
  • Carrying Systems
  • Section 4, Protecting a Device
Sensory Considerations
  • What to look for in speakers and Headphones
  • Our Favorite Speakers and Headphones
  • Practice Activity
Transporting and Environmental Concerns
  • Types of Mounts
  • Practice Activity
  • Helpful Products I Never Knew Existed
  • Keyguards & Bubcaps
  • Tacscreens & External Keyboards
  • Styluses
  • Practice Activity
  • Putting It All Together
  • Course Review
  • Practice Activity & Reflection
  • Bonus
  • Course Resources