How to go through the course?
  • Best way to access content of this course.
Getting comfortable with related terms of Python.
  • Introduction to Python
  • Related terms to Python
  • Why Python 2 libraries are not compatible with Python 3
  • Basic syntax of Python program
  • Is it that hard to learn any new programming language?
Setting up Python development environment.
  • Installing Python
  • verify proper installed Python
Core programming in Python.
  • First program in Python
  • Task - 1 - DIY
  • operators and data types in Python
  • if/else loop condition in python
  • for loop condition in Python
  • while loop condition in Python
User defined functions in Python.
  • user defined functions in Python
Reading user input in Python.
  • Taking input from user in Python
  • Task - 2 - DIY
Where to go after this?
  • What's next?
  • Bonus.