Basics of the Paleo Diet
  • Introduction
  • Disclaimer (Please Read)
  • What is the Paleo Diet?
  • Potential Benefits of the Paleo Diet
Foods to Avoid If You Want to Lose Body Fat
  • Foods to Avoid and Why
  • Why Grains Make You Gain
  • Bean Me Up Scotty
  • Soy and Moobs
  • Peanuts Excluding Charlie Brown
  • Sugar Bomb
  • Bad Fats Are Bad... Mmmmm K...
  • The Dairy Zone
  • Just Keep It Real
  • Section 2 Action Guide
Foods You Can and Should Eat to Lose Body Fat
  • What to Eat and Why
  • Eat Meat In a Sensible and Ethical Way
  • The Incredible Edible Egg... and Chicken
  • Mom Always Said to Eat Your Vegetables
  • Eat The Right Fats to Lose Body Fat
  • Eat Fruit the Smart Way
  • Do This and You're 90% of the Way Home
  • Section 3 Action Guide
Setting Ultra Clear and Specific Transformation Goals
  • The Real Meaning of the 80/20 Rule
  • Get Specific
  • Find Your Why Workshop
  • Vision, Focus and Actions
  • Two Mental Traps to Avoid
  • Section 4 Action Guide
Losing Body Fat with the Paleo Diet
  • How Do We Get Fat in the First Place?
  • The Fat Loss Hierarchy Intro and Step 1
  • Fat Loss Hierarchy Step 2
  • Fat Loss Hierarchy Step 3
  • Fat Loss Hierarchy Step 4
  • Measuring and Tracking Progress
  • Section 5 Action Guide
How to Monitor Your Food Intake and Construct Paleo Meals
  • How to Measure Food Intake the Stress Free Way
  • Build Your Paleo Plate
  • Section 6 Action Guide
Lifestyle Tips, Overcoming Challenges and Next Steps
  • Focus on Lifestyle Habits that Matter Most
  • How to Handle Mistakes
  • What's Next?
  • Is This the End?
  • Section 7 Action Guide
  • Your Graduation Gift