• Getting Started
  • Introduction
Choosing Your Version of QBO
  • Choosing Your Version of QBO
  • Which Reports are Available in Each QBO Version
The Chart of Accounts, and Products and Services
  • What is the Chart of Accounts?
  • Products and Services Overview
Using the Interface
  • Tour
  • Transactions Screen
  • Dynamic Buttons
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • QuickBooks Labs
  • Using the Interface
Working in the Centers
  • Working with the Customer Center
  • Working with the Vendor Center
  • The Reports Center
Special Topics
  • Providing Feedback to Intuit
  • Apps to Extend QBO Abilities
  • Backing Up & Exporting Data
  • Using on a Smartphone or Tablet
  • Customer Workflow Summary
  • Daily Bookkeeping
  • Top 10 Mistakes People Make
  • Special Topics