• Course Introduction and Approach
  • What is Bash?
  • Introduction to Bash Quiz
  • Installation Overview
  • Git for Windows
  • Notepad++
  • Notepad++ Configuration
Basic Commands
  • Basic Commands Overview
  • Where Am I and What's Here (pwd and ls)
  • Change Directory (cd)
  • Where is that command? (which)
  • Echo...Echo? (echo)
  • Reviewing Files Contents (cat and less)
  • Create, Rename (Move), and Delete Files (touch, mv, and rm)
  • Create and Delete Folders; Recursive Delete (mkdir and rmdir; rm -rf)
  • Clear and Exit
  • Output to a File (> and >>)
  • Creating and Executing a Simple Bash Script
  • Customizing the Bash Environment with .bashrc File
  • Using Bash Quiz
  • Git Bash Basic Commands Reference
  • Final Words
  • Bonus: Exclusive Student Discounts