DAY 1 Course Introduction: What will I learn?
  • Welcome from Michel-Henry Bouchet
  • Kick-off: what will I learn from this course ?
  • Q&A video
  • Jump-start: A few Q&As (compulsory reading!)
  • A focus on the report
  • Warming up: Test your global knowledge
  • In 2020 is Globalization still alive or threatened? What? When? Who?
  • Test your understanding regarding the globalization process
  • The challenge of cross-cultural management
  • Kickoff Conference
  • Secular stagnation: Myth or threat?
  • What about secular stagnation?
  • Exercise : Brainstorming
  • One or two steps further
The global Big Bang: When and where?
  • Introduction to section 2
  • Is global growth a short story?
  • Test yourself on global growth
  • Is the global Big Bang ever expending?
  • Test yourself on the global Big Bang!
  • Exercise: YOUR vision of the promise and pitfalls of globalization 2016-2030
  • One or two steps further...
DAY 2 Globalization: Silver bullet or more harm than good?
  • Introduction to section 3
  • Does Globalization hurt? (video 1) Economic liberalization
  • Check your understanding of economic liberalization
  • Exercise : debate
  • Does Globalization hurt? (video 2) Financial liberalization and hyperfinance
  • Financial deregulation: True or false?
  • Take off and catching up: myth or reality?
  • Test your understanding on "take off and catching up"
  • Reshaping the world map: don’t think in acronyms!
  • Reshaping the world map: OECD, BRICS, IFIs and EMCs… Don’t think in acronyms!
  • One or two steps further
DAY 3 Is globalization out of breath in 2019-20?
  • Introduction to section 4: The balance between sovereignty and interdependence
  • Is the wealth gap rising forever?
  • Is the global wealth gap rising forever?
  • Dear Boris Johnson: BREXIT or GLOXIT? Goodbye EU or goodbye Globalization?
  • BREXIT or GLOXIT? Goodbye EU or goodbye Globalization?
  • Mid Mooc recap
  • One or two steps further regarding wealth inequality within & between countries
Global competition to attract capital flows
  • Introduction to section 5
  • The push-pull forces of global capital flows
  • Exercise : Share Your Amazing story, with interviews and testimonies
  • Development finance flows: How much? Where and Who?
  • Quiz on global capital competition
  • One or two steps further...
DAY 4 Global competitiveness: Inputs and ranking
  • Introduction to section 6
  • Exercise : crosscampus debate
  • 1- Global competitiveness: The key inputs
  • True or false? The key inputs of global competitiveness
  • 2- Competitiveness: Measuring, rating and comparing
  • Exercise: BCG analysis and debate
  • 3- A glance at China's competitive edge
  • One or two steps further regarding China's competitive edge
DAY 5 How to make it work?
  • Introduction to section 7: Is global regulation wishful thinking?
  • Regulation and global crisis-1: Assessing governance
  • Global turbulences. How to make it work? True or false?
  • Exercise : Ranking on best/worst examples
  • Regulation and global crisis-2: Promoting governance
  • The global challenge of country risk assessment
  • The challenges of country risk assessment
  • Exercise : IMF debate on corruption in developed and developing countries
  • What is Risk all about?
  • What is Country Risk all about ?
  • Global risk and wealth gap
  • One or two steps further
  • Q&A session
Final session: Course wrap up
  • Takeways: What did I learn during this MOOC?
  • Wrap up time: Post your team report (3 oct.)
ADDITIONAL- A polarized debate: the pros and cons of globalization
  • Additional Resources for the bravest, with Obama, Friedman, Stiglitz and Krugman
  • For globalization - The classical approach
  • For globalization -The neo-classical approach
  • Seven minutes with Milton (Friedman)
  • Against globalization - the Marxist approach
  • Against globalization -The neo-keynesian dissidents
  • Six minutes with Barack (Obama)
  • Globalization's pitfalls: 8-10 mns with Joseph (Stiglitz)
  • Six minutes with Paul (Krugman)
  • 2 min challenge
ADDITIONAL- The challenge of global warming and sustainability
  • Observing climate change
  • Introducing Global Warming
  • Do you know your global warming?
  • One or two steps further
ADDITIONAL- The challenge of global offshoring
  • Global offshoring
  • One or two steps further
  • Correction