• Course Overview + Getting The Most Out Of The Course
  • Benefits of goal setting the SMART way
  • What is a SMART goal?
  • Difference between DREAMS, GOALS, AND REALITY
  • Examples of some common goals people set for themselves
  • Quiz Introduction
The SMART Goal Process
  • S= Be SPECIFIC or you are doomed to fail. But how specific?
  • M=What gets MEASURED gets done. Achieve top results only through measurement
  • A=The key that others turn on but "A' is debatable. Which is best?
  • R=The big question is what is REALISTIC and unrealistic and whom decides?
  • T=TIMEBOUND gives your dreams and goals a deadline. No deadline no results
  • What your new SMART goal should look like
  • Quiz SMART Goal Process
Turning SMART Goals Into Reality
  • Two can't miss options to insure you turn your new SMART goal into reality
  • Wrap Up and Next Steps!