Introduction to twitter
  • Introduction to unlimited following
  • A twitter account
  • Show your achievement in twitter
  • Customize twitter profile
  • twitter 2000 follow limit - crossed
  • Number of twitter followers in 20 days
Limited way to gain followers
  • What is following, followers
  • Why some other service is required?
  • Service to follow limited:
  • Service to follow unlimited:
  • Review for this course
  • Service to check who unfollows you:
  • Limitation in a nutshell as a free user:
  • Twitter knowledge
Setup undost in local computer
  • on github
  • Virtual host file settings
  • Install Xampp and setup virtual host in windows
  • Setup elasticsearch in local computer
  • Run undost from local computer
  • Need one to one help for setting up?
Unlimited way to gain followers
  • Filter non-follower
  • Unlimited unfollow
  • Unlimited follow
  • Twitter limitation
  • Unlimited bulk message
  • Follow, subscribe for additional service notification
Twitter for beginner
  • Setup profile and cover photo
  • Verify mobile phone number
  • Email notification
Manage twitter accounts and tweets
  • Which account to follow?
  • Following twitter trends
  • Tweet with image
  • Twitter analytics
  • Co promote tweet with others
Earn money
  • Affiliate sale
  • Earn money option 1
  • Earn money : option 2
  • Conclusion