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Uber cool easy strumming songs that sound great on an acoustic!
  • Ben E. King - Stand By Me (Everyones`s favourite classic lovey dovey song!)
  • Oasis - Half The World Away (Super cool strumming song)
  • How`s it going so far? Time to take a breath
Awesome fingerstyle songs for beginners!
  • Idina Menzel - Let It Go (the annoying song from `Frozen`)
  • The Beatles - `Blackbird` (if Carslberg did Fingerpicking songs...)
Strumming patterns to help you play many, many songs!
  • The Ultimate Strum Pattern (is this the most popular strum pattern ever?)
  • `The Piano Strum` (how to take a really cool piano trick and play it on guitar)
  • Strum like a champ!
Fun stuff that you can easily add to your playing!
  • Do this if you haven`t already
  • The Sub Division Game (my unique method of super charging your rhythm skills!)
  • Smokehouse Blues - an original and super fun blues jam!
  • Free tab and more blues...
Elite Guitarist Inner Circle stuff
  • Iggy Pop - The Passenger (Elite Guitarist Inner Circle Exclusive)
  • Spanish Romance (it`s beautiful and it`s easier to play than you think!)
  • Get more EGIC lessons...
Really cool fingerpicking patterns that will make you sound even better!
  • `The London Pattern` (the most important fingerpicking pattern ever!)
  • `The Going Up Pattern` (This is super cool and simple - great to get started on)
Free Bonuses (with love from me at Guitar Domination)
  • Get hold of some very cool guitar bonuses here...
  • Guitar Domination thanks you (with a final freebie)
  • If you enjoyed this course, you will love this...