• Overview of course
Learn to put web contents in Arduino sketch
  • Learn to add simple HTML in Arduino sketch
  • Why not explained all basics?
  • Let's try some HTML+CSS
  • Learn to add Graphic contents in Arduino sketch
  • Let's do something real with JS
  • Try out some real web server with multiple files
Learn Server Optimization
  • Learn basic minification technique
  • Learn to Gzip server contents
  • Learn to add Gzipped contents in Arduino sketch
  • Learn to handle Gzipped contents in Arduino Sketch
  • Checkout Gzip compression impact on performance
  • Verify all with Wireshark
  • Learn server optimization with HTTP Caching
  • Let's try HTTP Caching to further speed up ESP8266 server
Learn to use SPIFFS for server contents
  • Learn to save server contents to SPIFFS
  • Handling server contents stored in SPIFFS
  • Fix the bug
Gzip compression for platforms other than ESP8266
  • mikroC TCP/IP library, Lwip TCP/IP stack
Starting with ESP32
  • ESP32 Webserver library
  • Control ESP8266/ESP32 from Google Assistant