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  • Course Introduction
Introduction to Big Data
  • What Is Big Data?
  • Understanding Big Data Problem
  • Test your understanding of Big Data
  • HDFS - Why Another Filesystem?
  • Working With HDFS
  • HDFS Architechture
  • Test your understanding of HDFS
  • Introduction To MapReduce
  • Dissecting MapReduce Components
  • Dissecting MapReduce Program (Part 1)
  • Dissecting MapReduce Program (Part 2)
  • Test your understanding of MapReduce
Apache Pig
  • Introduction to Apache Pig
Apache Hive
  • Introduction to Apache Hive
  • Test your understanding of Pig & Hive
Hadoop Administrator In Real World (Upcoming Course)
  • Cloudera Manager - Introduction
  • Cloudera Manager - Installation
Our Hadoop Developer course
  • BONUS: Hadoop In Real World Course: Become an Expert Hadoop Developer