• Introduction to APIs and Postman
  • Token-based authentication (JWT token)
  • API tests and variables in Postman
OAuth 2.0 flow with the Dropbox API and Postman
  • Why do we need OAuth?
  • Overview of the OAuth 2.0 Authorzation Code grant
  • Register your client application with Dropbox
  • Step 1: Getting the authorization code
  • Debugging requests with the Postman console
  • Step 2: Getting the access token
  • Step 3: Using the access token to get data
  • Authorize using the browser vs Postman
  • OAuth 2.0 Implicit Code Grant flow
  • Conclusion
  • Download Postman collection for Dropbox OAuth 2.0
OAuth 1.0 flow with the Flickr API and Postman
  • Register your client application with Flickr
  • Step 1: Getting a request token in OAuth 1.0 with Postman
  • Step 2: Ask for permission (get the oauth_verifier token)
  • Step 3: Getting the access token (exchange the request token + auth_verifier)
  • Step 4: Using the access token to get data
  • Improving the flow with Postman scripts
  • Download Postman collection for Flickr OAuth 1.0
Bonus section
  • Bonus