Getting started
  • Introduction to heat maps for landing pages
  • Self-evaluation quiz
Signup and installation
  • Signing up for free heatmaps service
  • Installing the script in head section of your site
  • Installing heatmaps for HTML/Weebly website
  • Installing heat maps for Joomla Website
  • Installing heat maps for Wordpress Website
The dashboard
  • Introducing you to the dashboard
  • Creating heatmaps
  • Learning from heatmaps
  • All about heatmaps
Visitor recordings
  • Record your visitors to see what they do on your page
  • All about visitor recordings
  • Create funnels and see where visitors drop off
  • All about funnels
Polls and surveys
  • Polls V/S surveys
  • Creating polls
  • Creating surveys
  • All about polls and surveys
Hiring user testers to test your site usablity
  • Recruit user testers
  • All about hiring user testers
  • Conclusion
  • Bonuses