Mindset: Understanding The Impact Of Buying A House
  • First Things First: Getting your priorities straight when buying a house
  • House vs. Home
  • The Best House vs. The Right House
  • Shopping vs. Planning: Happy lives are planned, not purchased
  • The Best Things Aren't Things...and houses are things.
  • Tme & Money
  • Proximity
  • Financial & Life Planning
HomeOwner Myths
  • Myth 1: Everyone should aspire to owning a home
  • Myth 2: You are not buying the life you imagine or the time to live it.
  • Myth 3: Nicer houses make better homes
  • Myth 4: Renting is throwing money away
  • Myth 5: The bank knows what you can afford
  • Myth 6: You thought buying a house was your idea