• Welcome to this course
  • What you learn in this course
  • About me
  • Practical example: Where does your name come from?
Family history
  • Introduction - Facts of the family history are important
  • Children are carrying on - Family members are connected
  • You love your family more than you ever thought
  • The roots of the parents - How the past may affect the family
  • War does not end when fighting stops-Suffering of previous generations continues
  • Why someone may feel often guilty -The guilt of perpetrators remains in families
  • How shame in the family history affects later generations
  • Practical exercise: You connect to what you have heard
  • The method to find out more about your family issues - Family constellation
  • Conclusion - Look forward. But if you feel blocked look back!
Your own life
  • Introduction - Past events form your character
  • Parents from different nationalities or adoption
  • Understanding the death of Elvis Presley
  • When someone cannot really open up in a love relationship
  • Looking and thinking back
Final thoughts
  • Conclusion and warning - Take the course as an inspiration for your own insights
  • What you can do further