What Does My Business Do?
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  • What Is My Business and What Does it Do?
  • Why This Business is Way Better than My First Business
  • What This Course Covers and Doesn't Cover
  • How to Choose Your Business Name Today
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How to Get Your Business and Website Set Up
  • How to Get a Beautiful Logo for Very Inexpensive
  • How to Get a Website with No Coding - Part 1
  • How to Get a Website: No Coding Required - Part 2
  • Update on Getting Your Business Listed in Google
  • How to Get Social Media Graphics Done for Inexpensive
  • How to Get a FREE Business Phone Number (Save $240/year)
  • My Template to Rank Your Social Media Channels in Google
What You Can Sell that Businesses Will Buy
  • Services That You Can Sell with No Experience
  • How to Evaluate Freelance Providers to Outsource Work
  • Getting New Clients - What's Working
How to Get Paid by Clients
  • The Best Billing Software to Get Paid by Clients - Part 1
  • How to Get Paid Part 2 - Creating Invoices in Freshbooks
  • How to Get Paid Part 3 - Create Professional Estimates for Clients
What Services Can You Sell to Make Money from this Business
  • Opportunities to Earn More with This Type of Business
  • Thanks and Next Steps
  • Earnings Disclaimer
Bonus Section: How To Get Your Business Set Up from Home
  • A Resource for Non-US Residents
Retired Lectures - These lectures are outdated and have been replaced
  • The Basic Idea of How This Business Works
  • See My Exact Start Up Costs for this Business
  • Recap: Now You're Online - How do you make money?
  • A Quick Request for Your Feedback
  • Recap: Now Your Business is Real - What's Next?
  • What Is My Business?