Introduction to the Course
  • What is this course about
  • Is this course for you?
  • My TEDxTalk: “The multilingual in you”
  • A brief disclaimer
Starting off on the right foot
  • It is all about mindset
  • Trust that you can
  • Do you really want to learn the language?
  • What if you have to but don’t want to?
  • Set your language goals to learn efficiently
  • Struggle vs effort
  • Am I too old to learn a language?
Changing the way you see languages
  • What is a language?
  • Defining the language
  • Focus on the destination, not the way
  • What is a language made of?
  • You already know 99% of any language
  • With the right mindset, it will become easy!
The first set of tools to “jump-start” your language learning
  • Getting your hands on tools
  • Choose your words wisely
  • Learn the chosen words once and for all
  • How to work on your fluency
  • Leave grammar for the right moment
  • Don’t learn grammar! Understand it.
The tools to take your language skills to the next level
  • To understand better, improve your pronunciation
  • Don’t lose track of the conversation
  • Keep the dialogue alive
  • Learn as you read
  • Create and exploit opportunities
  • The Art of Becoming
  • What you’ve learned and going further