Resilience Masterclass: Build a Refuge Mindset for Survival to Thrival
  • You Can Be A Resilient
  • Quick Remainder - You Can Ask Me Anytime
  • Another Quick Remainder - You Can Join Your Facebook Group
  • Quick Win - Hope the Best Prepare for The Worse
  • Quick Remainder - Find Best Loyal Friend
  • Summary of Course for Those Who Are Still Refugee Like Me
  • Quick Mental and Spirit Support
What’s Resilience
  • Resilience - the Capacity to Recover Quickly from Difficulties; Toughness
  • You Have to Learn Practice Skills to Be Resilient and Survive
  • You Have to Learn Everything Now
  • You Have to Get Ready to Win All Crisis, Losing, Money, Sickness, Break-Up…
  • You Are Resilient You Will Become Creative, Practice, Live Better, More Success
  • Resilience Is Very Important. Now All Educational Facilities Try to Have It
  • The Reason We Are Not Resilient and Complaining Things
Learn to Be More Resilient by Listening to My Refuge Mindset Success Story
  • What About My Stories
  • My Life Before Becoming Refugee Education, Work...
  • My Story in The Crisis how I Used My Skill to Flee
Skills to Have to Know and Learn Today
  • Learning New Skill and Knowledge
  • Always Have a Plan B for You Life
  • Commitment
  • Learn to Research
  • Build Growth Mindset
  • Focus on Things You Can Manage
  • Kiss Yourself for Getting to This Level
  • Learn Technology
  • Create an Online Business
  • Show Some Courage to Pursue What You Want Might Be Fearful
  • Always Look and Have Loyal Friends
  • Get Ready to Be a Great Asset
  • Optimistic Can Be Dangerous a Little
  • Learn Communication Skills Now
  • Cook for The Survival Day
  • Financial Knowledge
  • Mediation
  • Change Your Words Change You Life
  • Appreciation
  • Congratulation
  • Please Help Us to Make This Course Even Better