Course Overview & Topic Introductions
  • Course Introduction
  • Fan Page Structure
  • An Introduction to 22 Social
  • How to Set Up Your 22Social Account - free trial links
Getting Started With 22 Social
  • Starting with the End in Mind
  • The 22Social Game Plan
Examples of 22Social In Action
  • Winery Giveaway and Contest Example
  • Facebook Training & Group Opt-In Example
  • Physical Product Company
  • Professional Coach Example
  • Webinar & Digital Course Example
Setting Up Your Own 22Social Apps
  • How to Install a New 22Social App
  • Setting Up Your App Gate
  • Setting Up Your Main Content Area
  • Designing Your App's Main Content Area
  • Customizing Your 22Social App's Content
  • Integrating Your Email Service Into Your App
  • Customizing Your App's Share Details
22 Social Template Options
  • Promotional Template
  • Giveaway or Lead Capture Template
  • Sweepstakes Template
  • Hangout or Webinar Template
  • Podcast Template
  • Digital Product or Course Template
22Social Advanced Features
  • Affiliate Products and Promotions with 22Social
  • Visitor Tracking and Retargeting Pixels for Your 22Social Apps
  • Thanks for taking this course! See you inside 22Social.
Additional Materials
  • Bonus Lecture: Save on My Other Courses