• Introduction And Walkthrough
  • Download the Course Resources Booklet
Start Here
  • Domain And Hosting
  • Domain name and hosting
  • Install Wordpress With Hostgator
  • Dashboard Walkthrough
  • Install A Theme
  • Create Pages
  • Install the Elementor Page Builder Plugin
  • Elementor Basics
Building and Designing the Website
  • Build the First Section of the Homepage (Hero Section)
  • Speed Up the Building Process with Premade Templates
  • Modify the Template for Our Needs
  • Make the Website Responsive and Mobile-Friendly for All Screens
  • Create the Contact Us Page + Form
  • Create a Header Template (Part One) - Logo and Menu
  • Create a Header Template (Part Two) - Designing and Publishing
  • Create the Website's Footer Section
Blog Posts and Archive Pages
  • What Are Blog Posts, Why Do We Need Them, and How to Create Them?
  • Design the Archive Pages Template
  • The Best WordPress Plugin to Have!
  • Outro
  • Bonus Lecture: Resources