Create Basic GUI components
  • Create a Basic Figure
  • Create tables in the figure
  • Create Push Button to interact with the table
  • Program the Add Row Push Button Callback
Push Buttons and Callback Programming
  • Program the Delete Row Push Button Callback
  • Program the Add Column Push Button Callback
  • Program the Delete Column Push Button Callback
  • Debugging using Breakpoints: Quick Debugging of the Add Row Callback
  • Create and Position the Add/Delete Row/Column Push Buttons for the second table
Import and Export of Simulation Data
  • Create an Import Push Button for the Input Table
  • Program the Import Input Push Button Callback
  • Program the Export Input Push Button Callback
  • Create Export/Import Output Push Button and Callbacks
  • Set few more properties of Push Buttons
Initialize the MATLAB-SIMULINK interface
  • How to interact with a SIMULINK model
  • Create the Transfer Data Push Button
  • Program the Transfer Data Callback: Set Start Time, End time, Step Time of model
  • Make directories and get the interpolated time data
  • Program the for loop: Interpolate the data values as desired
Working with Pre-Simulation Data
  • Verify interpolated data values
  • Save timed data to a MAT file
  • Debug and verify the MAT file data
  • Create the Input Subsystem in the SIMULINK model for data transfer
  • Create SIMULINK blocks for routing input data
Programmatic Data routing for Simulation
  • Set block parameters for input data routing
  • Connect the blocks in the Input subsystem
  • Create SIMULINK blocks for routing output data
  • Set block parameters and connect blocks for output data routing
  • Find a subsystem inside the model, verify routing of input and output data
Programmatic Simulation and Verification of Data
  • Initialize model parameters, Simulate model, and observe MAT file data
  • Create Push Button for programmatic simulation
  • Program the Start Simulate Callback, Verify output MAT file data after execution
  • Create Stop Simulate Push Button, Verify output MAT after callback execution
  • Table CellSelectionCallback